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Every year there are millions of podcasts published by tens of thousands of people in hundreds of languages, yet there are really just three podcast directories where people are able to go and look for new shows to enjoy. The vast majority of podcast players will read a directory listing from iTunes in order to provide the most comprehensive search, but none seem particularly good at recommending shows. Given how just about every other service we use online has some sort of algorithm in place to show us music, movies, TV shows, advertisements, and social accounts we might be interested in, why is podcast discovery still such a complicated endeavour?

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Top 3 Podcast DIrectories:

  1. iTunes
  2. Stitcher
  3. Google Play Music

Podcasts We Mentioned:

Painless Backups

Jeremy and I cover such topics as effective backup procedures and well-intentioned ransomware installations all in an attempt to determine why we can't have painless computer backups that "just work" for everybody. Believe it or not, a great number of people have years of important, irreplaceable files on their computers with absolutely no way to get the data back should something bad happen. When well-intentioned people try to encourage these people to make backups, a number of excuses pile up.

There's got to be a better way!

Some of the Software Solutions We Discuss:

  • Backblaze — Unlimited Storage for Windows and Mac for $5 USD per Month
  • Arq — Backup to Own Cloud Account for Windows and Mac for just $49.99 USD once
  • Crashplan — Unlimited Encrypted Storage for Windows, Mac, and Linux for $5 USD per Month
  • Time Machine — Ships With Every Mac

There are a lot of options out there to protect our important files. Regardless of how you do it, any backup is better than none at all.

Where's My Car?

In this inaugural episode of Why Can't We ... ?, Jeremy Cherfas and Jason Irwin try to tackle the problem of finding your car in a crowded parking lot without a whole lot of "before you leave your car" planning. The solution relies a great deal on simple technologies and tiny devices, but does — at first glance — seem like a plausible answer to the ever-frustrating question, Dude. Where's my car?

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